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Curl care guide

Caring for your child’s curly hair needn’t be a chore with our tried and tested tress-taming tips:

Wash less, condition more!
Unlike straight hair, curly locks can go anything from 3 to 10 days before they need a wash. That’s because it takes the natural oils from the scalp much longer to travel down all those twists and spirals, helping curly hair to stay cleaner for longer. Bonus!

Tear-less tangles
Detangling curly hair needn’t be a drama. Use a detangling conditioner with a lot of ‘slip’ – meaning it glides easily through the hair. Try using your fingers to detangle or a wide tooth comb or Tangle Teezer© to comb out any knots or tangles.

Banish brushes
Curly hair shouldn’t be brushed or combed when dry, to avoid disturbing natural curls and creating unwanted frizz. If curls are looking sad and droopy, give them a pick-me-up by misting them with water and applying a leave-in conditioner

Silk route
Cotton pillowcases are every curl’s worst nightmare! Cotton sucks moisture out of the hair – moisture which curly hair craves. Instead, treat curls to a little luxury with a silk pillowcase, great for the hair as well as the skin! Try ditching the cotton towel too, using a microfibre towel to dry hair instead.

Gently does it
It takes the natural oils from the scalp longer to feed the strands of hair, so when washing the hair, choose a shampoo without sulphates or SLS which can be more drying on curls. For best results, use a conditioning shampoo or ‘co-wash’ – for a gentle, curl-friendly clean. Look out for words such as ‘conditioning’, ‘moisturising’ and ‘hydrating’, your hair will love it for it.

Perfect Condition
If you have curly hair, make conditioner your best friend. Use a conditioning shampoo and condition the hair regularly. Try a leave-in conditioner to refresh and revive dry thirsty curls.

People will look so make it worth their while
Curls should be celebrated – knots, tangles, frizz and all – so avoid speaking negatively about your child’s hair. Yes, it may take a little longer to groom, but each curl, kink or wave is what makes them so beautiful. Always speak positively about his/her curly hair. Teaching your child to love their hair, just as it is, will save them a lifetime of straighteners, harmful keratin treatments, flat irons and the endless search for straighter hair.

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