Natural care for curly hair 

Our natural hair care range is perfectly formulated to provide the best support for hair naturally. Using organic shea butter, avocado, aloe vera, calendula, okra, rosemary, baobab, lavender, babassu oil, and broccoli seed oil, all  blended with naturally derived powerful actives, our range of  hair products has been specially formulated for all types of hair demands, whether, dry, tangly, fine, unruly, curly, brittle, tired or damaged hair. Jackson & Willow provides a sulphate free shampoo, detangling conditioner and a leave-in conditioner to add definition and shine – all silicone-free.



Okra, also known as lady’s fingers, is an exotic green veg which oozes jelly when cooked. Acting as a natural silicone, this gooey goodness softens and conditions hair, detangling the toughest knots to give curls perfect definition. Packed with vitamins A&C, folic acid, calcium and zinc, it’s incredibly nourishing for hair too.


Rosemary not only smells divine, but helps stimulate healthy hair growth by improving blood flow to the scalp. Prized for its memory-boosting properties, this fragrant herb also makes an effective lice repellent for children’s lice-prone hair.


Nicknamed ‘the upside down tree’ due to its unusual shape, the Baobab tree comes from the hot, sandy planes of Africa. Known for its healing properties, the delicious fruit contains a precious oil, rich in iron, magnesium and vitamin E, adding gloss and shine to hair, sealing in moisture and blocking out humidity.

Shea butter

Extracted from the nut of African shea trees, shea butter is the ultimate moisture-booster, sealing in moisture to your hair shaft to leave strands soft and silky-smooth.


Besides being quite tasty on toast, avocado is brilliant at moisturising dry, brittle and damaged hair. Bursting with fatty acids and vitamin E, it leaves hair shiny and silky smooth without feeling greasy. It also strengthens the hair and scalp, and helps stimulate the growth of new hair.


Oh how we love a bit of lavender. An instant pick-me-up for your hair and senses, this delightfully scented oil soothes sensitive scalps, slows down hair loss and combats dryness on the hair shaft.

Coconut Oil

Rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, it penetrates hair more deeply and faster than other oils, getting right into curls to fight frizz. This deeply conditioning oil nourishes the scalp and helps remove sebum build-up from hair follicles, promoting healthy hair growth and reducing breakage.


Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, Calendula will put the TLC back into your tresses. This soothing oil helps to hydrate and condition dry scalps, and puts a stop to pesky dandruff. It also promotes healthy hair growth by boosting collagen production and circulation in the follicles.