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Breaking the habit of silicones

“As a mum, I found I really needed children’s hair products that gave powerfully effective moisturising, detangling, shine and definition – but preferably without a chemical cocktail that caused more long-term problems than it solved.

“I couldn’t find products for curly hair on the shop shelves that met my children’s needs. So I took up the challenge myself. My starting point was above all to find out what worked. I wanted measurable results,” says Mary, a North London mum with a background in economics and data analytics. Any spare time that she could grab between work and family was spent scouting ingredients and talking to research laboratories.

The breakthrough came when she discovered the properties of the okra vegetable, which is unusually rich in vitamins and minerals. “I became aware of okra as a fantastic DIY recipe for nourishing and styling curly hair,” she says, “and I experimented with it on the boys’ hair with great results.”

“Every single ingredient in the range has had to justify its presence in terms of proven outcomes. I’ve been very demanding,” Mary laughs.

Many commercial products for curly hair include silicone, which at first delivers shiny, smooth results, but with prolonged use can choke the hair shaft.

“The wonderful thing about okra and baobab is that they are film-forming, so that they give hair shine and control but without that chemical build-up. It’s nature’s own silicone.”

Will there be an adult range? “I hope to develop one in the future – but in the meantime the children’s range works really well on adult hair too.”

Interview by Jenny McCartney, Columnist

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